Our Policy

Melting Soufflés 

As it is increasingly getting warmer outside, we CAN NOT control the weather. However, we can DO EVERYTHING IN OUR power to reduce the possibility of melting butter. With that being said, we can NOT guarantee NO MELTING BUTTERS. Please bear in mind, that is a possibility during transit. We advise prompt removal from mailboxes, front porches, etc upon delivery. If your butter does melt in transit. Simply allow it to naturally solidify in room temp and continue use. If your butter is completely liquid, allow it to solidify at room temp. It will be slightly harden, so to your preference remove the butter from the container and mix it with an electrical mixer to return to its original fluffy consistency. 

Due to our body butter being whipped, when melted they may appear "half full". This is not the case as the air pockets no longer exist in their liquid state. Keep AWAY FROM WINDOWS & DIRECT SUNLIGHT.