Please make sure your address is correct if it’s not you will have to pay for your shipping again

Please feel free to email us at bodiedbylai@gmail.com

*Please allow up to 48 hours for a response*

Q: When do orders ship?

A: Orders ship between Sunday-Friday.

Q: Can I return my items?

A: No we do not do any returns. ALL SALES ARE FINIAL due to sanitary reasons. If a item comes damaged within 3 days of you recieving the package please email us with your order number and a image of the item. bodiedbylai@gmail.com

Q: Do your products contain preservatives? 

A: NO! We do not use any unnecessary ingredients in our products. Therefore they only last up to 1 year.

Q: Why hasn't  the status of my tracking number updated since being located at the post office?

A: Currently USPS is backed up, please allow time for them to get your package to you in a timely manner. Also be aware that once we give them your package we have no control over what happens with your order. If your order is lost or stolen please put in a claim with USPS.

Q: I have a question about my order, how do I get in contact? 

A: You can email bodiedbylai@gmail.com at anytime. Please allow 24-48 hours to recieve a response! 

Q: My order has not been delivered but is marked delivered on USPS, what do I do?

A: I would recommend waiting 2 days to see if they may have delievered your order. Sometimes if the time gets late they mark the order as delievered and they will deliver it the following morning. If not, please file a claim with USPS.

Q: I placed a order and have not gotten a email confirmation. What do I do?

A: Sometimes confirmation emails are likely to end up in your spam folder.

Q: Where is my tracking number ?

A: Once your order is fufilled and you have not recieved a tracking number sometimes tracking information is likely to end up in your spam folder. If you still have not recieved it please email us @bodiedbylai@gmail.com